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Bay Area Women Artists – Calling Entries

Save the date for the Bay Area Women Artists exhibition, sponsored by the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts.  An artist call for entries is running now through July 14th to, open to all Bay Area women artists aged 16 and over.
Bay Area Women Artists. from O'Hanlon Center

Location: O’Hanlon Center Gallery, Mill Valley

Exhibition Dates: July 30 – August 20, 2015

Roundtable Discussion: Tuesday, August 4, 4 to 6 p.m.

Reception: Tuesday, August 4, 6 to 8 p.m.

The O’Hanlon Center for the Arts emphasizes the creative process and the continued pursuit of meaning and authenticity through observation, exploration, and experimentation. For more details see the call for entries.

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Texture, Can You Feel It?

Texture Can you Feel it? Show from O'Hanlon Center for the ArtsThe mission of O’Hanlon Center for the Arts is to provide programs, studio space, exhibitions, and experiences that honor individual creativity, develop artistic practice, and build community.

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts presents:

TEXTURE: can you feel it?

O’Hanlon Center Gallery, Mill Valley
Exhibition Dates: July 2 – 23, 2015
Artists Roundtable Discussion: Tuesday July 7: 4 to 6 p.m.
Reception: Tuesday, July 7: 6 to 8 p.m.

Call 415.388.4331 or visit for more details.

Artist Call for Entries

This July, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts invites artists to explore TEXTURE in their work. We hope to inspire a broad range of media and ideas for this exhibition. As suggested by the question “Can you feel it?” we hope to have some entries that you could literally feel and touch. You could also have textures in paint, or virtually any medium, while photographs of textures should make us think and feel.

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Jean Varda Exhibit & New Book

Check out this major exhibit coming to Sausalito and this new book on Jean Varda this June 2015!

[maxgallery id=”797″]

Read more about Jean Varda

Get the book The Art and Life of Jean Varda by Elizabeth Leavy Stroman

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Making a Living in Marin

painting by Jean Varda of a cityscape

Painting by Jean Varda (1893-1971) , the Marin artist who “made his living” on a houseboat.

With the high cost of living in Marin, how does an artist “make a living” here? What is the artist’s secret to success? It’s not simple or easy. I have some ideas though. The location helps: The Sausalito waterfront galleries surely have a corner of the market on location.  Marin’s natural beauty makes a good landscape to paint and draw. But a location cannot directly feed an artist or pay their taxes.

I read many artist statements, and get the impression that Marin artists make a living with patience and love for their craft, by honing their skills, offering workshops, following their inner visions, and finding a niche where they can sell. For example, the artist Gabriella Spina Drake posted this artist statement: “Anyone can learn how to render anything. Art is a human spirit expressing oneself via pigment, instruments, words, etc. And hopefully the end result is evoked emotion. I do not decide to create, rather it is an uncontrollable passion.”

An artist’s success must be ephemeral in many ways, but somehow Marin artists “make a living”!

I’ll now suggest (softly) that artists sometimes need help with their sales and marketing plans. See Do-It-Yourself and Selling Art.

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I Like Marin Art!

Marin County, Northern California is a getaway ride from San Francisco, and is the home of many great artists and animators. Many have gathered here to work at LucasArts, Lucasfilm, or Pixar. The Golden Gate Bridge leads to San Francisco on the southern edge, where one can catch marvelous views of the city and the bay. Cities of Marin County include San Rafael, Sausalito, Tiburon, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Stinson Beach, San Rafael and Novato. We also have some great redwood trees and retreat centers, Point Reyes, and the Pacific Ocean.

If you are looking for Marin art, I recommend checking out the Sausalito galleries. Or browse this online gallery in detail.  In the directory section, you will find artist bios and links to their online portfolios. In the video section, you can watch artist videos and clips.

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