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Creek van Houten
Jewelry Artist

Creek Van Houten, founder and designer of Compass Rose Design, creates jewelry inspired by Victorian and industrial fashion. Creek has been making jewelry for the last fifteen years with vintage and found treasures. The Compass Rose Design collection is made with authentic antiques and storied heirloom treasures.

Michelle Vidro
Meeshka Jewelry Design
jewelry artist

Michelle Vidro, also known as Meeshka, is a jewelry designer who likes to “tell a story” with jewelry. “It is Meeshka’s gift to be able to tell stories uniquely through her artwork. The process includes drawings, lost wax casting & fabrication using precious metals and gemstones.”

Shirley Weiss
jewelry artist

Shirley Weiss of the Marin Jewelers Guild works primarily in sterling silver, incorporating the processes of lost wax, repousse and chasing to translate natural textures into jewelry art.

Katya Wittenstein
jewelry artist

Katya Wittenstein is jewelry artist who specializes in glass and has a studio in Sausalito, California.

Janis Yerington
Bolinas Folk Art

Janis Yerington of Bolinas, California offers folk arts and crafts, including decorated beach bags, folk art whales and whale necklaces made of driftwood, buoy paintings, octopi, and handcarved, painted, wooden signs.

Christine (Van Camp) Zecca
artist, jewelry artist

Christine Zecca is a shamanic artist, painter and jewelry designer. Her art often incorporates alchemy and dreams.