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Michelle Vidro
Meeshka Jewelry Design
jewelry artist

Michelle Vidro, also known as Meeshka, is a jewelry designer who likes to “tell a story” with jewelry. “It is Meeshka’s gift to be able to tell stories uniquely through her artwork. The process includes drawings, lost wax casting & fabrication using precious metals and gemstones.”

Peggy Ann Lindstrom
Pals Creations
artist, mosaic artist

Peggy Ann Lindstrom specializes in mosaic art and jewelry. She has a background in oil painting and watercolor and ceramics. Peggy uses found jewelry, gems, stained glass, and polymer clay in her creations.

Lyn Matson
Peter James Jewelry
jewelry artist

Lyn Matson is an artisan who creates contemporary, handcrafted jewelry for Peter James Design, a jewelry design studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Pamela Minton
PM Designs
jewelry artist

Pamela Minton is a jewelry artist who has studied fine art and metal work at Ohio University, attended The Aegina Art Center in Greece, and previously owned a textile factory and clothing design business for over a decade in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, before settling in Marin County, California. “I have studied the metaphysical properties of precious and semi precious stones… My motivation is to put a positive and healing intention in all I create.” – Pamela Minton.

Carol J. Emery
jewelry artist

Carol Emery, a jewelry artist native to Marin, creates semiprecious beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. A quote from the artist: “Making jewelry is a passion for me. I especially love the beads themselves, the texture, the color and their ancestry.”

Rosie Echelmeier
Spirit of the Goddess
jewelry artist, leather art

Rosie Echelmeier draws, paints, sculpts, and designs unique head adornments. At her Original Rosies Posies Etsy store, she offers handmade floral head garlands and adornments. She also offers expressive accessories at Spirit of the Goddess — unique bands, crowns and circlets in classic, tribal and modern styles, made out of leather, silver, brass and gold, and semiprecious stones. “A crazy, wild mix of expressive accessories. From metal and jeweled circlets and crowns for accessing deeper spiritual planes to dressy, chic items.”