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Vicki Lynn Marinko
jewelry artist

a jewelry designer

Sharon Searles
artist, art teacher, jewelry artist

The Artist Sharon Searles specializes in watercolor, silk painting, and jewelry-making with precious metal clay. She is also an art teacher that gives classes in both watercolor and jewelry. Her silk scarves go through a process of preparing and stretching the silk, preparing the dyes and resist, hand painting, drying, and steam setting for a permanent bonding of dye to silk.

Creek van Houten
Jewelry Artist

Creek Van Houten, founder and designer of Compass Rose Design, creates jewelry inspired by Victorian and industrial fashion. Creek has been making jewelry for the last fifteen years with vintage and found treasures. The Compass Rose Design collection is made with authentic antiques and storied heirloom treasures.

Heather Graef
textile artist, jewelry artist

Heather Graef creates original sewn and woven handbags and accessories, as well as beaded and hammered metal jewelry. Heather is a co-founder of Marin Handmade, a local artisan collective. She studied design at CCA and has a background in graphic and web design.

Rosie Echelmeier
Spirit of the Goddess
jewelry artist, leather art

Rosie Echelmeier draws, paints, sculpts, and designs unique head adornments. At her Original Rosies Posies Etsy store, she offers handmade floral head garlands and adornments. She also offers expressive accessories at Spirit of the Goddess — unique bands, crowns and circlets in classic, tribal and modern styles, made out of leather, silver, brass and gold, and semiprecious stones. “A crazy, wild mix of expressive accessories. From metal and jeweled circlets and crowns for accessing deeper spiritual planes to dressy, chic items.”

Lyn Matson
Peter James Jewelry
jewelry artist

Lyn Matson is an artisan who creates contemporary, handcrafted jewelry for Peter James Design, a jewelry design studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.