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Jeannie Thomas

Jeannie Thomas creates folk art in mixed media and watercolor.

Jenny Keys Lawler

Jenny Keys Lawler creates abstract art, and mixed media works. Her art often evokes scenes of the Pacific Ocean, surfs and beaches.

Jill Culver

Jill Culver works with acrylics and mixed media, and paints “soul portraits” and pet portraits.

John  H. Maxwell
collage artist

John Maxwell is a mixed media, collage artist. He studied photography and general art at the San Francisco Art Institute and was an Art Director for Arts & Leisure Publications in San Francisco. His most recent works are digitally scanned collages, enlarged and printed on canvas with further collage and painting techniques applied.
John retired at the end of 2013 from the motion picture industry having been an on-set dresser on feature films based out of Hollywood. His film credits over the past three decades include Father of the Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bridesmaids, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, As Good As It Gets,  The Nutty Professor, Stuart Little, Seven, Ocean’s 13, Tropic Thunder  and  Apollo 13.

Julia Ann (Malloch) Spaulding

a collage artist and painter.

Karen Meadows
artist, art educator, writer

A native of Northern California, Karen Meadows is an encaustic painter and mixed media artist. Karen has a M.F.A. from California College of the Arts, and became an Artist in Residence in San Francisco to make art for public buildings with recycled materials.

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards is a fine artist and illustrator working in ink, paint, mixed media, artist books, and scratchboard. She is currently at work on a graphic memoir. Her first graphic non-fiction book, Holy Stars! Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints and Sages from Around the World, was published in 2009 by Sentient Publications. A Los Angeles County native now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and holds a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State University.

Katy Drury Anderson
Fiber Atist

Katy Drury Anderson is a conceptual artist working in mixed media, felting and wool fleece: “By using wet and dry techniques, laminating gauzy silks to the wool fibers, inlaying embellishments, and blending colored fleece, I create painterly art-to-wear fabrics or whimsical three-dimensional forms.” Katy studied Fiber Sculpture and Surface Design at the College of Marin, and Fiber Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Kris Richardson Brewer
artist, sculptor

Kris Richardson Brewer is a mixed media painter, and sculptor. who often explores the concepts of spirituality and inter-connectedness. Her paintings are characterized by bold colors, thick paint, and multiple layers. Her sculptures are made with metal, plaster, fabric, resin, fiber cloth, as well as objects found in nature such as sand, bark and twigs. They often light up from the inside.

Lara Myers

Lara Myers is the artist in residence at Art Works Downtown for 2016-2017.

Laurel Burch
artist, jewelry designer

Laurel Burch (1945-2007) was a American artist, jewelry designer and painter. She was born in the San Fernando Valley, and moved to Marin County, California. From an early age, Laurel made jewelry, dolls and sewn art. She sold her early jewelry designs on the streets of San Francisco from tackle boxes. In the 1960’s, Laurel worked full time as a fine artist, commissioned to paint by restaurants, businesses and private collectors. She traveled to China in 1971 and there discovered cloisonné enamel designs, that inspired many of her paintings and jewelry designs. Burch also worked with cast metals and wood, and made spin-off products in paper, porcelain and fabric. She licensed her designs to a dozen or so companies that now make and distribute her creations worldwide. See also her books and art prints:

See also her books and art prints:

preview of books about Laurel Burch

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Lela Shields

Lela Shields creates artworks with gouache on paper, pen and ink drawing, and mixed media. Her artworks are imaginative and subtle narratives.

Leslie Friedman

Leslie Friedman enjoys making artworks in mixed media, abstract painting, and crafting wreaths.

Lisa Swerling

The artist Lisa Swerling was born in Cape Town, South Africa, grew up in London, England, and presently lives in San Anselmo, California. Lisa is best known for her Glass Cathedrals dioramas. The dioramas are glass-fronted boxes that feature scenes with hand-painted and customized miniature figures. She is also known as co-creator of the illustrated characters Harold’s Planet, Vimrod and The Brainwaves,  in partnership with her husband, Ralph Lazar. (source:

books by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar

Louise Forbush

Louise Forbush creates mixed media artwork with papers, fabric, reeds, seeds, and silk threads. A quote from the artist: “My art is about paper. How it feels, how it tears, how it reflects or absorbs light.”

Maggie Saxon

a mixed media artist

Margo C. Reis

Margo Reis creates mixed media collage paintings on wood framed canvas, with acrylic paint and a variety of papers.

Melissa Woodburn
fiber artist, ceramic artist

Melissa Woodburn is a fiber and ceramic artist and a weaver of little baskets and treasure keepers. A quote from the artist: “I am inspired by using a variety of media to express statements about the rhythms and cycles of living.”

Michael Welch

Born and raised in Northern California, Michael majored in art at California College of the Arts and Sacramento City College.

Nance Miller

Nance Miller is a fine artist and painter of abstracts, dreamscapes, graphite works,  assemblages, and book art. A quote from the artist: “With an eye to nature and aesthetics, a nod to the ancients, and Fibonacci in my back pocket, I outstretch my hand.”

Nancy Heydemann

“I play with texture and color and I explore multiple mediums including collage and painting.”

Nini Lion
artist, ceramic artist, sculptor

Nini Lion creates sculpture, ceramic art, and abstract paintings and drawings in mixed media.

Noel E. Stubblefield
artist, photographer

Noel Stubblefield paints with watercolors, oils and mixed media. Sometimes she adds layers of collages to the make them three dimensional. Noel also takes wildlife photography and travel photography.

Patricia Leeds

Patricia Leeds specializes in encaustic paintings, often mysterious and dreamlike in nature. She likes to combine her photography, found objects and plant materials into her paintings.

Pattie Grey

Pattie Grey is a mixed media artist. She uses broken tiles, ceramic and glasses on old mannequins and structures made of cement and Styrofoam, to create unexpected, one-of-a-kind sculptures. She also creates hand fabricated books using recycled or deconstructed materials.

Paula Fava
artist, photographer

Paula Fava moves easily between encaustic and acrylic mediums in her paintings and mixed media artworks, the layered possibilities of the ancient art form of encaustic painting directs the majority of her work.

Peter Neibert
artist, sculptor

sculpting with wood, stone, and occasional mixed media

Phyllis Barnhill Thelen

The Marin artist Phyllis Thelen creates sculptural forms out of organic materials, such as barks, pods, plant stalks, banana leaves, bamboo shields and shells. She likes to produce mixed media vessels, creatures, and what she calls “sanctuaries”. Phyllis is also a founder of Art Works Downtown, the Marin Ballet Association, and Youth in Arts.

Sam M. Parry
artist, writer, sculptor

Sam M. Parry creates sculptures in paper and copper, as well as paintings on tile. He was born and raised in Calcutta, in British-India, and lived in London and Glasgow, working as a research developmental psychologist, before settling in Marin County, California and turning to metal and paper sculpting.

Sandi Miot
artist, sculptor

Sandi Miot is a mixed media artist, working in an abstract style and primarily in encaustics. She also creates art with altered books and sculpture.