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Heather Kessinger
film artist, photographer
Heather Kessinger is a film artist and still photographer, working out of her studio in Sausalito, California.  Her works include the PhotoSF documentary films, The Most Fearless, and  In the Shadow of Buddha.
David Ludwig
artist, architect, photographer

paintings, wearable silk art, photography and theater backdrops

Diane Rosenblum
artist, photographer

a fine artist and portrait photographer

Osher Levi

The photographer Osher Levi was born in Israel, studied photography in Los Angeles, and now resides in Marin County, California.  “The Osher Marin JCC is pleased to present China Camp: A Photographic Journey, a solo exhibition by artist, musician and Marin County resident Osher Levi.” – the The Zen of China Camp: A Photography Exhibit by Osher Levi exhibited at the Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael, from June through September, 2015.

Suzanne Bean
artist, photographer

Acrylic and mixed media abstracts on canvas and panels; digital abstracts on dye-infused aluminum; and classic black and white photography.

Alan S. Plisskin

Alan S. Plisskin is a Marin County photographer whose subject matters include landscape, nature, travel and fine art. He is from Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to California for his photographic career. Of note, Alan has initiated a “green” approach to his photography and so uses the chemical-free, Giclee process for prints.

Tamsin Prasad

“I am often captivated by beauty in nature, to the point where photography becomes meditative.” -Tamsin Prasad

Larry Nienkark

Larry Nienkark is a fine art photographer, born in San Francisco and settled in Marin County. A quote from the photographer: “It is not about where you are, but how you see it. I still like to wander around Marin County, my long-time home, and beyond to capture fleeting moments.”

Gina Risso

Gina Risso is a lifestyle photographer with a studio in Sausalito, California. She is also has the blogger of San Francisco Lifestyle. She studied photography and graphic design at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. A quote from the photographer: “I photograph kids and all the rest, with the aim of illuminating the vibrant life that’s all around us.”

Rosario Sapienza

Rosario Sapienza is a freelance photographer known for fine-art photography. He photographs people, families and weddings, as well as architecture, automobiles and real estate. Formerly he studied art and architecture at the Carnegie-Mellon University, School of Architecture, and worked in corporate marketing, advertising, and franchising. Rosario is a member of the Marin Photography Club, Artworks Downtown, and Marin Society of Artists.

E. Loren Soderberg

E. Loren Soderberg is a nature photographer who has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Barbara Hazen

Barbara Hazen is a Marin County photographer. Her series include “Perfectly Imperfect” figures in black and white tones.

Barry Toranto

Barry Toranto is an abstract photographer of Marin County.

Marvin Burke

Marvin Burke is a nature photographer. “Witnessing nature relieves the anxieties of urban existence. Nature places us in a higher state of awareness that enriches the soul by captivating the eye.”

John Kunzweiler

John Kunzweiler is known for his photography that is highly abstract and painterly in style. A quote from the artist: “In all cases motion plays a key role in deconstructing an otherwise sharp image.”

Greg Slick

Greg Slick is a world traveling, fine art and commercial photographer. He is known for taking art portrait photos that connect the viewer with multiple cultures. His gallery and studio is located on the waterfront in Sausalito.

Dana Spaeth
artist, photographer

Dana Spaeth is known for both oil painting and photography. Her background was in photographic illustration for the publications US News and World Report, Forbes, Parenting magazine. Her recent paintings use Polaroid photos, printed onto canvas or wood, and painted over with oil paint.

Louise Kleinsorge Williams

Louise Kleinsorge Williams has specialized for over thirty years in portrait photography, onsite and at her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also creates photographic art with scans: “Many layered, they invite a closer look. There is always something in them to uncover and enjoy.”

Jaleh A. Etemad
artist, photographer, sculptor

Jaleh Etemad is known for mixed media art, digital photography, and art installations. She has lived in Marin since 1985, and has always been active in creative arts and volunteering for art organizations. She has been a Heritage and Arts commissioner for three years, and has accepted the Tiburon Artist Laureate for five years.

Marc and Tracy Morales

Marc and Tracy Morales are a photography team, The 2Canons: “We capture your events, various landscapes and travel photography.”


Noel E. Stubblefield
artist, photographer

Noel Stubblefield paints with watercolors, oils and mixed media. Sometimes she adds layers of collages to the make them three dimensional. Noel also takes wildlife photography and travel photography.

Cindy Pavlinac
photographer, artist, author

Cindy Pavlinac is a photographer of landscapes, cityscapes and waterscapes. “Prehistoric sites, rock art and labyrinths feature prominently in my work.”

Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes is a Marin County photographer. Subjects include the San Francisco Bay area, travel, portraits, and also creative photo blends and infrared exposures.

Mary Serphos

Mary Serphos describes her photography  as creative image photography: “images that speak to the soul”. Mary also offers photography classes in Fairfax, California.

Asmund J. Gjevik

The photographer Asmund Gjevik is a travel photographer, and is known for landscapes, tropical flowers, beaches, portraits and underwater photography. Asmund was born in a small island in Norway, and worked as a seaman for a large part of his life. He is now settled in Northern California.

Deborah Ann Ahern-Perchetti

A native of Marin County, Deborah Ann Ahern-Perchetti enjoys photographing the Western Marin region.

Jim Karageorge
photographer, filmmaker, videographer

Jim Karageorge is a film maker and photographer. His photographs include people at work, portraits, places and products. He has a Masters in documentary film from Stanford. A quote from the filmmaker: “Film taught me how to create a visual narrative… I love telling stories that compel people to think and connect, stories that teach and have substance.”

Marianne Owens

Marianne Owens photographs nature, architecture, and the landscapes of Western Marin. She also creates hand tinted and Poloroid images. At Drawbrige, she also facilitates weekly art groups for homeless, and underserved children. A quote: “I enjoy teaching young people of all ages and introducing them to the magic of the art making process.”

Russ Johnson
photographer, writer, film and video producer

Russ Johnson has worked as a photographer, writer, film and video producer, broadcaster and voice over talent. Johnson founded Travelmedia in 1984. It has taken him to 59 countries on film, video, photography and writing assignments. His editorial work includes award winning television series.

Bonnie Lammar

The photography of Bonnie Lammar is focused on the environment: “Sky, water, sun, earth, trees … with elemental, human and architectural components.”