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Rosie Echelmeier

Rosie Echelmeier
Spirit of the Goddess
jewelry artist, leather art

Rosie Echelmeier draws, paints, sculpts, and designs unique head adornments. At her Original Rosies Posies Etsy store, she offers handmade floral head garlands and adornments. She also offers expressive accessories at Spirit of the Goddess — unique bands, crowns and circlets in classic, tribal and modern styles, made out of leather, silver, brass and gold, and semiprecious stones. “A crazy, wild mix of expressive accessories. From metal and jeweled circlets and crowns for accessing deeper spiritual planes to dressy, chic items.”

Wedding styles:

Tribal and Warrior Syles:

Egyptian Styles:

Celestial Styles:

Celtic Styles:

Floral Garlands

Adorned Hats

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