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Susan Bahary
artist, sculptor

Susan Bahary is a sculptor of horses and other animals, combining accurate form with lifelike expression.

Abbyanna Gehrke

a fine artist and painter

Abigail Lee Goldberger

Abigail Goldberger is known for illustrative oil paintings, sometimes enhanced with metallic leaf powders and monoprint elements. A quote form the artist:  “My paintings are inspired by fairy tales, myths, dreams, memories, experience, longing, religion, and nature. They are intensely colored, multi-layered, multi textured, and multi-themed.”

Aia Bower

Aia Bower is a fine artist and painter, born and raised in Mill Valley. She paints with oils and watercolors. Aia enjoys “exploring the poetry available in paint.”

Aiko Morioka

Aiko Morioka is a figurative sculptor working out of a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California. Her styles range from classical to abstract.

Alain Pigois

stone carving sculptures

Alan Babbitt
art photographer

Alan Babbitt produces fine art photography. His Un-Still Photography series captures camera movements, and his Photo Blend Series explores symmetry, synthesis and synchronicity.

Alan S. Plisskin

Alan S. Plisskin is a Marin County photographer whose subject matters include landscape, nature, travel and fine art. He is from Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to California for his photographic career. Of note, Alan has initiated a “green” approach to his photography and so uses the chemical-free, Giclee process for prints.

Alex Friedman
tapestry weaver

Alex Friedman, tapestry weaver, produces fine tapestries and wall hangings. She has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Alexander Carl Bratenahl

Alexander Carl Bratenahl (1946-1993) was an artist of West Marin who was associated with the Bay Area figurative and abstract expressionism movements, before his untimely death from AIDs. Alexander had studied at Stanford University. The Marin Independent Journal and contemporary artists paid tribute to him, during his retrospective show in Point Reyes Station, April 2015: “Bratenahl would bring members of the Cockettes, the San Francisco drag troupe, to sleepy West Marin, shocking some people and delighting others.” (source:

Alice Orth

a fine artist and painter

Alice Sturges Steinman
artist, sculptor

Alice Sturges Steinman is esteemed for her figural, ceramic sculptures, that celebrate the qualities of the clay. She also creates clay vessels, collages, and figure paintings.

Alissa DiFranco
artist, sculptor

Alissa DiFranco is the creator of  pen and ink drawings, and assembled, mixed media animal creatures. “You are invited to see Dr. Octo, The Angry Mermaid, The Little Devil Who Lost His Pants and more of the shipwrecked crew.”

Allegra Gibson

Allegra Gibson is an abstract expressionist, whose washes and other artwork explore the painted surfaces and texture, as much as content.

Allen Miesner
furniture designer, woodworker

The furniture designer Allen Miesner “brings fun to the functional…Miesner has reshaped the conference room, the coffee table, redefined the garden chair and shed new light on the lamp.”

Ami Diallo

Ami Diallo creates gourd art and custom made leather crafts, inspired by Africa, Jamaica and Santa Fe styles. She works with leather as a medium, and composes large scale wall sculptures using musical themes.

Andrea Tucker-Hody
artist, printmaker

Andrea Tucker-Hody is a paper artist and printmaker, who combines traditional Japanese papermaking with elements of printmaking. She describes her large scale, (Washi) handmade paper assemblages as “papestries”. She studied papermaking at San Francisco’s Experimental Institute of Papermaking and at Oakland’s College of Arts and Crafts.

Andrea Wedell

Andrea Wedell is an abstract painter of light and shadow, and semi-abstract landscapes. She has a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and studied and lived abroad, as an artist in Paris for 27 years.

Andy Skaff

As a fine artist and painter, Andy Skaff enjoys painting the landscapes of the American West, the mountains and coastal regions of Northern California, vintage trucks and boats, barns and the like.

Angelique Benicio
artist, art teacher

Angelique Benicio is a painter and sculptor, working in many forms: watercolor, gouache, pastel, pen and ink, Chinese lacquer, mixed medium patina effects; bronze casting; gypsum cement, plastilina clay modeling, polyurethane and foam sculpture. She is affiliated with Art Works Downtown of Santa Rosa, California.

Angie Hutchins
Many Hats Millinery
textile artist, milliner

Angie Hutchins is the proprietor and designer of Many Hats Millinery, a shop that began in Marin County in 2012. The shop offers handmade and unique hats and hair accessories through Etsy. Angie enjoys the vintage fashions of the 1940s through the 1960s.


Ani Jenkins

Ani Jenkins is a Marin County artist who creates both abstract and functional wooden sculptures. She taps into deep mystical themes such as temples and shrine. She likes the process of “melding reality and dream”.

Anita R. Pebbles


Anita Selinger
jewelry artist

Anita Selinger casts silver and gold jewelry art, using the lost wax process. Her designs are often inspired by architecture, nature, and paintings. “I feel that I am painting with gemstones when I play with different combinations of accent stones.” – Anita Selinger

Ann Curran Turner

Ann Curran Turner is a Marin County painter, concentrating on figurative work. She studied at the University of California, Berkeley.

Ann Langston
artist, illustrator

Ann Langston is an artist and illustrator who works in watercolors and oils. She has been painting and exhibiting her work for 35 years. Her studio is located at ArtWorks Downtown in San Rafael.

Ann Switzer

Ann Switzer is an oil painter working in the classical realist tradition. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and now lives in Marin County, California.  She has a B.A. from Northwestern University and a BFA (with distinction) from the California College of Art.   “My goal is to portray the beauty and charm that can be found in ordinary things.”

Ann Van Brunt

a fine artist and painter

Anna Rochester
artist, art eductator, printmaker

Anna Rochester paints with encaustics and acrylics, and makes monotype prints on surfaces such as zinc, copper, plastic, cardboard, and with oil, water-based inks, paints and other pigments. Barbara has a masters from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in new print media.

Anne E. Wolfe

Anne Wolfe is a symbolic artist of acrylic and paperclay masks, mixed media, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, photographs, and wearable art: “Anne uses characters from the I Ching (Chinese book of wisdom), the Viking Runes, Morse code, and objects from the many temples of life.”