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Susan Bahary
artist, sculptor

Susan Bahary is a sculptor of horses and other animals, combining accurate form with lifelike expression.

Eric Lister

a mixed media artist

Jeannie Thomas

Jeannie Thomas creates folk art in mixed media and watercolor.

Mari Aaronsouth
artist, art consultant

Mari Aaronsouth is known for the flowing motion and electric colors in her abstract, figurative works. A San Francisco native, she studied painting and drawing at the University of Mexico, and sculpture and drawing at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Harvey Abernathey

Fine art photographer Harvey Abernathey is best known for his landscape and nature photography, both in daylight and night time. His ability to perceive composition and colors at night expands the opportunities to share imagery beyond the typical landscape.

Scott Adams

Scott Adams is in an abstract oil painter. Formerly, he worked as an architect in San Francisco for over 35 years.  A quote from the artist: “Abstract art starts when you commit to an unknown, get lost and discover something new. It is all about being in the present, the Now, and finding joy in forms and color. “

Chris Adessa

Chris Adessa is known for her plein air landscapes and seascapes of the California Coast and countryside. She is a founding member of The Adirondack Mountain School Painters, New York, and founding President of Friends of the Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco. Chris is a member of the Baywood Artists of Marin County and an active environmentalist.

Deborah Ann Ahern-Perchetti

A native of Marin County, Deborah Ann Ahern-Perchetti enjoys photographing the Western Marin region.

Carol Allen

Carol Allen is known for watercolor painting and pastel drawings, and has developed her own techniques in pastel. Carol studied fine art at the College of Marin.

Leslie K. Allen
artist, architect

Leslie K. Allen is an artist of “contemporary realist” paintings, and often paints the coastal landscapes of West Marin and Point Reyes. She is also an architect.

Bob Amos

Artist Bob Amos was born and raised in Berkeley, CA, and began to paint in 2002 after retiring from a long career in corporate life, and teaching in higher education. His medium of choice is oil paint and subject matter is landscape and maritime paintings. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley and the College of Marin.

Douglas Andelin
artist, sculptor

Douglas Andelin often paints landscapes and figures, directly from life. His sculptures include terracota abstracts, and bronze heads and figures. A statement from the artist “When you love what you do, the love will shine through….”

Gail Anderson

a fine artist and painter

Katy Drury Anderson
Fiber Atist

Katy Drury Anderson is a conceptual artist working in mixed media, felting and wool fleece: “By using wet and dry techniques, laminating gauzy silks to the wool fibers, inlaying embellishments, and blending colored fleece, I create painterly art-to-wear fabrics or whimsical three-dimensional forms.” Katy studied Fiber Sculpture and Surface Design at the College of Marin, and Fiber Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Barbara Andino-Stevenson
ceramic artist, sculptor, art teacher, minister

Barbara Andino-Stevenson, artist and owner of Sweet Spirit Ceramics Center in San Rafael, creates abstract, mixed media sculpture and ceramic art, and teaches ceramics at the center. She has a masters degree in fine art from San Francisco State with an emphasis in ceramics, and has taught art and ceramics at the de Young Museum Art School, San Francisco State, North Peralta Community College, San Francisco City College, and College of Marin.

Camille Andreacchi
artist, art educator

Camille Andreacchi is an artist, who paints and draws, and also works as a Liberal Arts and ESL instructor at the Academy of Art University, SF

Patricia Araujo

The paintings and artwork of Patricia Araujo depict San Francisco architecture, and her interest in researching the urban landscape continues to grow, addressing the evolution and decay within a city. Patricia was born in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Bogota, Colombia. From childhood, she was  always enchanted by architecture and form, drawing arches and entrances, and designing imaginary floor plans. She moved to Northern California to study architecture, painting, and photography and has a B.F.A in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Lora Arbrador

Lora Abrador enjoys painting and drawing figural works with egg tempera paints on treated wood panels. She is inspired by the early Renaissance artists. Her frequent use of medical imagery reflects her history as a registered nurse.

Christine Atwood

Christine Atwood is engaged in painting and drawing landscapes and figures, using oils, acrylics and watercolors. She studied at the London Polytechnic, Central Saint Martins College of Art, London.

Rich Aubin
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Rich Aubin is known for figurative sculpture, printmaking and paintings. He was born in Colorado and grew up in New Orleans. He can now be found showing with the San Anselmo Artists Open Studios, of Marin, California. Rich has taught classes in the Tam Union Community Education Department, the Petaluma Parks & Recreation Community Education program, and the Las Positas College Community..

Susan Marie Aulik

Susan Aulik is known for abstract, oil and acrylic paintings, on a large scale. A quote from the artist: “I work big. Usually 7′ x 7′. It’s physical and demanding. I start with a simple structure. It is built up, obliterated and brought back again. Forms appear and are developed. Others are eliminated. New ones emerge.”

Alan Babbitt
art photographer

Alan Babbitt produces fine art photography. His Un-Still Photography series captures camera movements, and his Photo Blend Series explores symmetry, synthesis and synchronicity.

Karen Stead Baigre

Karen Stead’s imagery is drawn from landscapes where personal history and physical wonder intertwine. She explores the beauty and uncontrolled power of the elements. Karen was born and raised in South Africa, where she attended the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art, and majored in photography and painting. After graduating, she moved to New York City to pursue her art career, before settling in Marin County, California.

Cathy Baker

watercolor and oil painting

Janice Baldwin

Janice Baldwin is a Marin County oil painter of landscapes, figures and still lifes.

Barrie Barnett

Barrie Barnett works in pastels and oil paints now living in Marin County, and has much experience in portraiture and dog art.

Doreen L. Barton

Doreen L. Barton creates figurative paintings and drawings, portraits, and urban scenes.

Suzanne Bean
artist, photographer

Acrylic and mixed media abstracts on canvas and panels; digital abstracts on dye-infused aluminum; and classic black and white photography.

Jeffrey Beauchamp
artist, painter

Artist Jeffrey Beauchamp is a Marin County fine artist who paints figures, landscapes portraits, animals in an expressive style. He was born in Montclair, New Jersey and has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Honor Studio 18

Jack Beck

Jack Beck (1920-2016) enjoyed a long career as a fine artist and painter. He was born in Poland and emigrated to Mill Valley, California. His accomplishments include founding the First Tuesday Mill Valley Art Walk with Marin Art Festival Director Tyson Underwood in 1982. In the 1990s, Jack also created the Mill Valley Paint-Off, the annual plein-air painting competition in the Mill Valley Plaza. He was named a Master Artist at the Marin Art Festival in 2013 in Mill Valley.