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Alice Sturges Steinman
artist, sculptor

Alice Sturges Steinman is esteemed for her figural, ceramic sculptures, that celebrate the qualities of the clay. She also creates clay vessels, collages, and figure paintings.

Anne-Marie De Rivera

The artist Anne-Maria De Rivera works in oils, acrylics, mixed media and collage. Her subject matter and style is a cultural symbiosis, and includes Latin American chromatic freedom and themes. She was born in New York City, educated in Canada, Chile, and Switzerland, and graduated from l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Genève.

Bibby Gignilliat

Bibby Gignilliat is a Marin County artist of abstract paintings and collages.

Deborah Darling Gray
artist, jewelry art, art teacher

Deborah Darling Gray focuses tempera painting and collage using themes from mythology. She also teaches art.

Ellen French

Ellen French is a native Californian who has pursued art since childhood. She enjoys painting, printmaking and collages. She paints abstracts, landscapes and still life. From her artist statement: “In my “imaginary” landscape paintings, I use the traditional characteristics of naivism; vibrant colors, unusual perspectives, exaggerated scale and a touch of whimsy.”

Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly creates “early photography reimagined”, artwork that features early photography using digital collage and mixed media.

Eva Belishova

Eva Belishova creates oil paintings and drawings, and digital collages. Her subject matters include dreamlike “inner landscapes”, figurative landscapes, and abstracts.

Gabriella Spina Drake
Art Abloom Studio & Gallery

Gabriella Spina Drake is an expressionist painter and art educator. Her artist statement online includes this wisdom: “Anyone can learn how to render anything. Art is a human spirit expressing oneself via pigment, instruments, words, etc. And hopefully the end result is evoked emotion. I do not decide to create, rather it is an uncontrollable passion.”

Gabriella also founded Art Abloom in Santa Barbara in 1990, that relocated to San Anselmo, California, in 2002. Art Abloom offers art classes for all ages, from toddlers to adults in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sewing, sculpture, collage and found object assemblage.

Gail Steinberg
artist, writer

Gail Steinberg is an artist engaged in encaustic painting and collage making. She also published a memoir called Active Engagement. A quote from the artist: “My latest book is about things I care about: feeling more alive, seeking joy, loving, belonging, and connecting.”

Jamie Weinstein

Jamie Weinstein is a mixed media artist, using layers of paper, paint and words in her collages and symbolic works of art. A quote from the artist: “Creating art has become how I process what is hard and hold fast to what is beautiful in my family and the world around us.”

Jean Yanko Varda
artist, painter

Jean Yanko Varda (1893-1971) was a Sausalito artist known for his abstract painting and collages. He came from Smyrna (now İzmir, Turkey). At 19, Varda moved to Paris where he met Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and took up abstract and avant garde art styles, mosaics, and later collages. He lived in Cassis, France and London, England before World War II. At the onset of World War II, Varda emigrated to Monterey, California. Circa 1948, Varda and the British-born artist, Gordon Onslow Ford acquired an old ferryboat called the Vallejo and permanently moored it on a dock in Sausalito, California. They remodeled it into a houseboat, art studio, and artist salon. Varda lived on the docks the remainder of his life. A major exhibit of works by Jean Varda took place at the Bay Model Visitors Center in Sausalito in 2015. See slideshow

Books: The book  The Art and Life of Jean Varda by Elizabeth Leavy Stroman, published in 2015, is the first full-length biography of this important artist.

John  H. Maxwell
collage artist

John Maxwell is a mixed media, collage artist. He studied photography and general art at the San Francisco Art Institute and was an Art Director for Arts & Leisure Publications in San Francisco. His most recent works are digitally scanned collages, enlarged and printed on canvas with further collage and painting techniques applied.
John retired at the end of 2013 from the motion picture industry having been an on-set dresser on feature films based out of Hollywood. His film credits over the past three decades include Father of the Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bridesmaids, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, As Good As It Gets,  The Nutty Professor, Stuart Little, Seven, Ocean’s 13, Tropic Thunder  and  Apollo 13.

Julia Ann (Malloch) Spaulding

a collage artist and painter.

Margo C. Reis

Margo Reis creates mixed media collage paintings on wood framed canvas, with acrylic paint and a variety of papers.

Nancy Heydemann

“I play with texture and color and I explore multiple mediums including collage and painting.”

Noel E. Stubblefield
artist, photographer

Noel Stubblefield paints with watercolors, oils and mixed media. Sometimes she adds layers of collages to the make them three dimensional. Noel also takes wildlife photography and travel photography.

Sara Sutler-Cohen

Sara Sutler-Cohen  is a mixed media artist,  specializing in mixed media collage pieces. She uses vintage magazines and books, children’s books, discarded calendars, dried flowers, found objects of all kinds, and acrylic paints, and applies these to wood or stone placards, thick cardboard backings and picture frames.

Stuart Bradford
artist, illustrator

Stuart Bradford is an abstract illustrator, working with collage, mixed media, and paint.

Victoria Falk

Victoria Lee McKesson Falk uses collage as an expressive medium.

Virginia Simpson-Magruder
Kentucky Girl
artist, jewelry artist

The Marin artist Virginia Simpson-Magruder is known for her collages, book art, and mixed media jewelry. She likes to work with vintage and hand-dyed ribbons, handmade papers, Swavorski crystal beads and rhinestones. Virginia makes heirloom quality, hand-soldered glass pendants with wild animal motifs and “Oriel” pendants.

Wendy Lilienthal
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Wendy Lilienthal creates abstract art, with fiber and mixed media. She creates painted, collage like and sometimes sculptural artwork with handmade papers, marbling, textiles and recycled materials. She has taught art at the University of California as well as many other Northern California locations, and demonstrated art and paper-making on the PBS channel of national television.