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Alice Sturges Steinman
artist, sculptor

Alice Sturges Steinman is esteemed for her figural, ceramic sculptures, that celebrate the qualities of the clay. She also creates clay vessels, collages, and figure paintings.

Ami Diallo

Ami Diallo creates gourd art and custom made leather crafts, inspired by Africa, Jamaica and Santa Fe styles. She works with leather as a medium, and composes large scale wall sculptures using musical themes.

Andrea Tucker-Hody
artist, printmaker

Andrea Tucker-Hody is a paper artist and printmaker, who combines traditional Japanese papermaking with elements of printmaking. She describes her large scale, (Washi) handmade paper assemblages as “papestries”. She studied papermaking at San Francisco’s Experimental Institute of Papermaking and at Oakland’s College of Arts and Crafts.

Anne E. Wolfe

Anne Wolfe is a symbolic artist of acrylic and paperclay masks, mixed media, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, photographs, and wearable art: “Anne uses characters from the I Ching (Chinese book of wisdom), the Viking Runes, Morse code, and objects from the many temples of life.”

Anne-Marie De Rivera

The artist Anne-Maria De Rivera works in oils, acrylics, mixed media and collage. Her subject matter and style is a cultural symbiosis, and includes Latin American chromatic freedom and themes. She was born in New York City, educated in Canada, Chile, and Switzerland, and graduated from l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Genève.

Bebe Kuhr

Art by Bebe includes mixed media, Infinity Rocks, large scale prints and altered book art. Bebe inspiration from nature and her work is environmentally friendly.

Bibby Gignilliat

Bibby Gignilliat is a Marin County artist of abstract paintings and collages.

Carol Durham

a mixed media artist

Carolyn Cappai

Carolyn Cappai creates graphic paintings and book art.

Carolyn Wheeler

As a nature artist from Marin County, Carolyn Wheeler is interested in the intersection of science and art. Her work has evolved from her early career as an archaeologist.  Her current series, Dorée Nature, is the unique result of those efforts.

Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly is an artist who works with mixed media, acrylics and monotype prints. She has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Cynthia Jensen

The San Anselmo artist Cynthia Jensen explores the concepts of impermanence and inter-connectedness in her artwork. She uses materials such as paper, bark, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, clay, and metal, recycled items and found objects. A statement from the artist: “All of my work is a statement about the impact of civilization and industry on our environment.”

David Alan Howell

mixed media artist

Deborah Darling Gray
artist, jewelry art, art teacher

Deborah Darling Gray focuses tempera painting and collage using themes from mythology. She also teaches art.

Deborah Sullivan

a mixed media artist

Ellen French

Ellen French is a native Californian who has pursued art since childhood. She enjoys painting, printmaking and collages. She paints abstracts, landscapes and still life. From her artist statement: “In my “imaginary” landscape paintings, I use the traditional characteristics of naivism; vibrant colors, unusual perspectives, exaggerated scale and a touch of whimsy.”

Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly creates “early photography reimagined”, artwork that features early photography using digital collage and mixed media.

Eric Lister

a mixed media artist

Eva Belishova

Eva Belishova creates oil paintings and drawings, and digital collages. Her subject matters include dreamlike “inner landscapes”, figurative landscapes, and abstracts.

Gabriella Spina Drake
Art Abloom Studio & Gallery

Gabriella Spina Drake is an expressionist painter and art educator. Her artist statement online includes this wisdom: “Anyone can learn how to render anything. Art is a human spirit expressing oneself via pigment, instruments, words, etc. And hopefully the end result is evoked emotion. I do not decide to create, rather it is an uncontrollable passion.”

Gabriella also founded Art Abloom in Santa Barbara in 1990, that relocated to San Anselmo, California, in 2002. Art Abloom offers art classes for all ages, from toddlers to adults in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sewing, sculpture, collage and found object assemblage.

Gail Steinberg
artist, writer

Gail Steinberg is an artist engaged in encaustic painting and collage making. She also published a memoir called Active Engagement. A quote from the artist: “My latest book is about things I care about: feeling more alive, seeking joy, loving, belonging, and connecting.”

Gale Starr McKee

Gale S. McKee is a Northern California painter and works in acrylics and mixed media on canvas and linen. Gale was born in San Francisco, attended the Croydon College of Art in London, and has a BFA from the University of Denver.

Helen Steele

Helen Steele is known for abstract and figurative works, and what she terms “internal landscapes”. She uses paint and mixed media in her work.

Holly Sorrelle
artist, interior designer

Holly Sorrelle creates dimensional mixed media art, with acrylics and characterized by reflective surfacing. She also works as an architectural interior designer.

Hwei-Li Tsao

Hwei-Li Tsao is a painter and a mixed media artist, playing with realism. “As a maker, I find fulfillment by making artwork around a theme  across diverse media.”

Jaleh A. Etemad
artist, photographer, sculptor

Jaleh Etemad is known for mixed media art, digital photography, and art installations. She has lived in Marin since 1985, and has always been active in creative arts and volunteering for art organizations. She has been a Heritage and Arts commissioner for three years, and has accepted the Tiburon Artist Laureate for five years.

Jamie Weinstein

Jamie Weinstein is a mixed media artist, using layers of paper, paint and words in her collages and symbolic works of art. A quote from the artist: “Creating art has become how I process what is hard and hold fast to what is beautiful in my family and the world around us.”

Janis Yerington
Bolinas Folk Art

Janis Yerington of Bolinas, California offers folk arts and crafts, including decorated beach bags, folk art whales and whale necklaces made of driftwood, buoy paintings, octopi, and handcarved, painted, wooden signs.

Jason Sheldrick

The artist Jason Sheldrick enjoys drawing the intricacies of objects, printmaking, and mixed media. Jason came to Marin County, California from Ottowa, Canada.

Jean Yanko Varda
artist, painter

Jean Yanko Varda (1893-1971) was a Sausalito artist known for his abstract painting and collages. He came from Smyrna (now İzmir, Turkey). At 19, Varda moved to Paris where he met Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and took up abstract and avant garde art styles, mosaics, and later collages. He lived in Cassis, France and London, England before World War II. At the onset of World War II, Varda emigrated to Monterey, California. Circa 1948, Varda and the British-born artist, Gordon Onslow Ford acquired an old ferryboat called the Vallejo and permanently moored it on a dock in Sausalito, California. They remodeled it into a houseboat, art studio, and artist salon. Varda lived on the docks the remainder of his life. A major exhibit of works by Jean Varda took place at the Bay Model Visitors Center in Sausalito in 2015. See slideshow

Books: The book  The Art and Life of Jean Varda by Elizabeth Leavy Stroman, published in 2015, is the first full-length biography of this important artist.