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Andrea Tucker-Hody
artist, printmaker

Andrea Tucker-Hody is a paper artist and printmaker, who combines traditional Japanese papermaking with elements of printmaking. She describes her large scale, (Washi) handmade paper assemblages as “papestries”. She studied papermaking at San Francisco’s Experimental Institute of Papermaking and at Oakland’s College of Arts and Crafts.

Anna Rochester
artist, art eductator, printmaker

Anna Rochester paints with encaustics and acrylics, and makes monotype prints on surfaces such as zinc, copper, plastic, cardboard, and with oil, water-based inks, paints and other pigments. Barbara has a masters from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in new print media.

Arthur Okamura
artist, painter, illustrator

Arthur Okamura (1932-2009) was an American artist who worked in screen printing, drawing and painting. He lived in Bolinas, California, and was Professor Emeritus at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. His work is in the permanent collections at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the Whitney Museum in New York, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He is associated with the San Francisco Renaissance. He illustrated numerous works of literature and poetry, including Just Space: Poems, 1979-1989 and 1234567890, and also created illustrations for the TV movie The People.  (source:

Barbara Poole
artist, printmaker

Barbara Poole is known for oil painting, etching monotypes and color aquatints, and printmaking on her own press.

Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly is an artist who works with mixed media, acrylics and monotype prints. She has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Cindy Miracle
artist, art educator, printmaker

Cindy Miracle works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, casein, watercolor, encaustic, pen and ink, soft pastel and water-soluble printmaking inks. Cindy Miracle has taught courses in Fine Arts at San Jose State, De Anza Junior College, and The Gale Laurence Studio in San Francisco.

Cindy Ostroff
artist, printmaker, etcher

Cindy Ostroff practices etching, lithography, and letterpress art. She has been printmaking for over 40 years. Her artwork includes colorful patterned abstracts.

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Dan Cassidy
photographer, printmaker

Dan Cassidy is a photographer and printmaker, who divides his time between Sausalito, California and Taos, New Mexico.  Dan graduated from CCAC in 2006. and he explores many forms of printmaking, including Pochoir.

Ellen French

Ellen French is a native Californian who has pursued art since childhood. She enjoys painting, printmaking and collages. She paints abstracts, landscapes and still life. From her artist statement: “In my “imaginary” landscape paintings, I use the traditional characteristics of naivism; vibrant colors, unusual perspectives, exaggerated scale and a touch of whimsy.”

Francis Snyder
artist, printmaker

Francis Snyder is an abstract printmaker of Marin County.

Hilary Sheehan
artist, printmaker

Hilary Sheehan creates oil paintings, etchings, monotypes, and watercolors. Sometimes they are representational urbanscapes and sometimes they are abstractions.

Jane Liston
artist, printmaker

Jane Liston is a Marin County artist who paints landscapes of the Marin and Napa areas/ She also uses oil pastels and creates etchings and colored ink monoprints.

Julia Lucey
artist, printmaker, etcher

The artist Julia Lucey creates detailed aquatint etchings of North American animals, using traditional etching and aquatint techniques in order to explore the ideas of nature wildness, wilderness and the human attempt at wildlife management. Julia has a B.F.A. in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Katherine Warinner
artist, printmaker

painting, drawing, monotype prints, and ceramics

Kathryn LeMieux
Outlaw Mermaid
artist, cartoonist

Kathryn LeMieux is an artist of Tomales, California who specializes in oil paintings and antique photos turned into digital, surreal art prints. She comes from Washington State and was formerly a cartoonist and graphic designer. Kathryn studied painting and printmaking at Western Washington University.

Laura Wilson Hill
artist, printmaker

Laura Wilson Hill creates original monotype prints that are about “manipulating the familiar, playing with color and form, and shifting perspective.” Laura grew up in New York and now lives in Marin County. She attended the California State University in Northridge and majored in art with an emphasis in textile design, interior design, and drawing and painting.

Louis DeLuco

Louis DeLuco is a photographer who uses a 19th-century wet plate Collodion photographic process to create unique photographic prints. Louis is also known for sculpture, painting, mural design, advertising design, and printmaking. Louis has a M.A. in Fine Art Photography from Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, and a B.A. in Art from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mimi Chen Ting

Mimi Chen Ting is known for her abstract painting, drawing and monotypes of abstracts characterized by arcs, curves, geometric and biomorphic shapes. She grew up in Hong Kong, and is now a fine artist and performance artist of Marin, California and New Mexico.

Nelson W. Hee
artist, illustrator, printmaker

Born and raised in Hawaii, Nelson Hee is a watercolorist who has made the Bay Area his home for over 40 years — mostly in Marin County. He has held senior designer/illustrator positions in both the private and public sectors. He showed his work as a “contemporary printmaker” during the 1976 US Bicentennial at the National Gallery/Smithsonian. He also worked as a board-certified medical illustrator for 20 years.

Ning Mercer
artist, printmaker

Ning Mercer is a painter and printmaker of woodcuts, etchings and monotypes.

Rich Aubin
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Rich Aubin is known for figurative sculpture, printmaking and paintings. He was born in Colorado and grew up in New Orleans. He can now be found showing with the San Anselmo Artists Open Studios, of Marin, California. Rich has taught classes in the Tam Union Community Education Department, the Petaluma Parks & Recreation Community Education program, and the Las Positas College Community..

Sara C. Burgess
cut paper artist, printmaker

Sara Burgess is a cut paper artist who creates cut paper artwork and other crafts, offered at PaperSaw at Etsy.  She is a trans-atlantic artist, illustrator, animator and graphic designer and has designed product lines (table linens, dinnerware and bedding) in the UK, Canada and USA.

Stephanie Jucker

Stephanie Jucker is a Marin County painter and printmaker.

Walter Egel Kuhlman

Walter Kuhlman (1918-2009) was a core member of the San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism and active in the Bay Area for more than six decades.

From 1947 to 1950, Walter Kuhlman studied at the California School of Fine Art (now known as the San Francisco Art Institute). He then spent a year in Paris, where he participated in some of the first international exhibitions to feature this new, distinctly American art. Kuhlman then returned to the Bay Area, producing sophisticated abstract works through the 1950s.

At the start of the 1960’s, Walter Kuhlman turned to painting figurative forms and subjects. Kuhlman’s figurative works defy easy definition: They are communicative yet mysterious, powerful yet ephemeral, detached yet intensely personal.