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Susan Bahary
artist, sculptor

Susan Bahary is a sculptor of horses and other animals, combining accurate form with lifelike expression.

Beth Waldman
artist, sculptor

a painter and sculptor

Carol Anne Ponzio
artist, sculptor

a painter and sculptor

Carole Nelson
ceramic artist, sculptor

ceramic art and sculpture

Linda Sawtelle
ceramic artist, sculptor

ceramic art and sculpture

Alain Pigois

stone carving sculptures

Peter Neibert
artist, sculptor

sculpting with wood, stone, and occasional mixed media

Griffe R. Griffiths
metal artist

Griffe Griffiths is a master of functional metal art for house and garden. He was born and schooled in the Lakes District, England, and now teaches metalwork from his studio in Woodacre, CA. Griffe has a very strong affinity for Celtic design and art.

Jack Kamesar
metal artist, sculptor

The metal artist Jack Kamesar works with stainless steel and bronze. “Through forging, warping, cutting, gouging and welding, my sculpture expresses the inherent qualities of these materials.”

Sawyer Rose
artist, sculptor

Sawyer Rose is a sculpture and mixed-media artist, and the artist-in-residence for the Town of Fairfax in 2015 and 2016. She has a BA in Art from Williams College, Mass., and studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.

Art Holman
artist, sculptor

Art Holman (1926-2015) painted and sculpted for over 50 years, including landscapes and “outer space oils”. His artist statement includes: “Living in the San Geronimo Valley in Marin County and walking and hiking in the woods and hills has given me my subject matter: nature, light, color, with an abstract matrix.” Holman had a BFA from the University of New Mexico. He exhibited at the Whitney, Smithsonian, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the DeYoung Museum.

Mary Lindheim
sculptor and potter

Mary Tuthill Lindheim (1912-2004), born Mary Barbara Tuthill, and also known professionally as Mary Tuthill or Mary Lindheim, was an American sculptor and studio potter. She trained as a sculptor with Ralph Stackpole and Alexander Archipenko, working in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco between 1930 and 1945. Widowed in World War II, she turned to ceramics, studying with Antonio Prieto at California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts), and was an active studio artist and leader in potters’ and craftsmen circles in the Bay Area from 1946 to 1969.

In 1969, Mart moved to Bolinas, California, and in 1994, she was given a retrospective at the small but respected Bolinas Museum, which revived her reputation. (sources: Image of “The Mothers” artwork by Mary Tuthill Lindheim, photo by Will Taylor. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)

Don Rixman
wood artist, sculptor

Don Rixman designs and carves large corporate sculptures, sculpted furniture, trunks, boxes, screens, doors and entrees. His finely carved pieces often depict Marin’s mountains and majestic trees, such as the Redwoods, Eucalyptus, Bay Laurel, and California Live Oak.


Cynthia Jensen

The San Anselmo artist Cynthia Jensen explores the concepts of impermanence and inter-connectedness in her artwork. She uses materials such as paper, bark, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, clay, and metal, recycled items and found objects. A statement from the artist: “All of my work is a statement about the impact of civilization and industry on our environment.”

Sandi Miot
artist, sculptor

Sandi Miot is a mixed media artist, working in an abstract style and primarily in encaustics. She also creates art with altered books and sculpture.

Sam M. Parry
artist, writer, sculptor

Sam M. Parry creates sculptures in paper and copper, as well as paintings on tile. He was born and raised in Calcutta, in British-India, and lived in London and Glasgow, working as a research developmental psychologist, before settling in Marin County, California and turning to metal and paper sculpting.

Sheila Marie Tuffanelli
artist, sculptor

Sheila Tuffanelli creates mixed media and fiber art, abstracts and animals. Her sculptures are often made with glued layers of tar paper on a wire frame. Sheila immigrated to America from Manila, The Philippines, and settled in Marin County, California. She majored in art from Stanford University and also studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the College of Marin..

Laura Lengyel

Laura L. Lengyel is a contemporary artist of Marin County who is interested in painting, sculpture, modernism, abstract expressionism, monotypes, monoprints, and color field painting.

Louise Maloof
artist, sculptor

Louise Maloof is known for painting and sculpture . She likes to work with oils, beeswax, birch, linen and canvas.

Rich Aubin
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Rich Aubin is known for figurative sculpture, printmaking and paintings. He was born in Colorado and grew up in New Orleans. He can now be found showing with the San Anselmo Artists Open Studios, of Marin, California. Rich has taught classes in the Tam Union Community Education Department, the Petaluma Parks & Recreation Community Education program, and the Las Positas College Community..

Ani Jenkins

Ani Jenkins is a Marin County artist who creates both abstract and functional wooden sculptures. She taps into deep mystical themes such as temples and shrine. She likes the process of “melding reality and dream”.

Kathryn Keller
artist, sculptor

Kathryn Keller grew up at the New Jersey shore, and previously worked as a television series set designer in Johannesburg, South Africa. She settled in Sausalito, California and now pursues abstract painting and sculpture.

Aiko Morioka

Aiko Morioka is a figurative sculptor working out of a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California. Her styles range from classical to abstract.

Giuseppe Palumbo
sculptor, designer

Giuseppe Palumbo creates sculptures of animals, portraits and figures, and specializes in iron and bronzework, sustainable art and artistic furniture. He works from the Duckspit Studios located on the Sausalito waterfront, and in the mountains of Eldorado Springs, Colorado.

Sarah Silverstein
ceramic artist, sculptor

Sarah Silverstein creates figurative sculptures in clay.

Arin Wiscomb
artist, sculptor

Arin Wiscomb creates stone and bronze sculptures, plein air oil paintings, and large format oil paintings.

Wendy Lilienthal
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Wendy Lilienthal creates abstract art, with fiber and mixed media. She creates painted, collage like and sometimes sculptural artwork with handmade papers, marbling, textiles and recycled materials. She has taught art at the University of California as well as many other Northern California locations, and demonstrated art and paper-making on the PBS channel of national television.

Alice Sturges Steinman
artist, sculptor

Alice Sturges Steinman is esteemed for her figural, ceramic sculptures, that celebrate the qualities of the clay. She also creates clay vessels, collages, and figure paintings.

Georgia June Goldberg
artist, art teacher

The artist Georia Goldberg is a painting, drawing and installation artist. She also has been an instructor at the College of Marin, Kentfield since 1988. She has a MArch from the Princeton University School of Architecture, in NJ.

Jaleh A. Etemad
artist, photographer, sculptor

Jaleh Etemad is known for mixed media art, digital photography, and art installations. She has lived in Marin since 1985, and has always been active in creative arts and volunteering for art organizations. She has been a Heritage and Arts commissioner for three years, and has accepted the Tiburon Artist Laureate for five years.