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Jessica  Green
ceramic artist, sculptor

Jessica Green creates ceramic sculpture, urns and plaques. A quote from the artist:  “Nature has always entranced me and so I love to capture it as best I can as it brings me closer to it: Landscapes, flowers, animals etc.” Jessica grew up in Greenwich Village in New York City, worked as a painter, and is settled now in Marin County, and part time in Mexico.

Jonathan Hyman
metal artist, sculptor

Jonathan Hyman is a metal sculpture artist based in Marin County, California. His work incorporates multiple metals using the TIG welding process. He has been creating sculptures since 1970.

Kathryn Keller
artist, sculptor

Kathryn Keller grew up at the New Jersey shore, and previously worked as a television series set designer in Johannesburg, South Africa. She settled in Sausalito, California and now pursues abstract painting and sculpture.

Katya A. McCulloch
artist, sculptor

Katya McCulloch is a painter and sculptor of abstract and symbolic works.

Kris Brewer
artist, sculptor

Kris Brewer is a mixed media painter, and sculptor, who often explores the concepts of spirituality and inter-connectedness. Her paintings are characterized by bold colors, thick paint, and multiple layers. Her sculptures are made with metal, plaster, fabric, resin, fiber cloth, as well as objects found in nature such as sand, bark and twigs. They often light up from the inside.

Laura Lengyel

Laura L. Lengyel is a contemporary artist of Marin County who is interested in painting, sculpture, modernism, abstract expressionism, monotypes, monoprints, and color field painting.

Linda Sawtelle
ceramic artist, sculptor

ceramic art and sculpture

Louis DeLuco

Louis DeLuco is a photographer who uses a 19th-century wet plate Collodion photographic process to create unique photographic prints. Louis is also known for sculpture, painting, mural design, advertising design, and printmaking. Louis has a M.A. in Fine Art Photography from Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, and a B.A. in Art from the University of California, Berkeley.

Louise Maloof
artist, sculptor

Louise Maloof is known for painting and sculpture . She likes to work with oils, beeswax, birch, linen and canvas.

Marguerite Elliot
artist, curator, and video producer

Marguerite Elliott is a sculptor and curator, and her work has been concerned with feminist, anti-nuclear, social/political, and environmental issues. Her current art includes small and large scale welded and mixed media sculpture. She is also the author of book, The Woman’s Building and Feminist Art Education, 1973-1991: A Pictorial Herstory.

Mark Jaeger
ceramic artist

Mark Jaeger is a ceramic artist with a studio in San Anselmo. His portfolio includes clay sculptures series of Superheroes, San Francisco Founders, and other heads and figures. He studied ceramics at the University of California, Davis.

Mary Lindheim
sculptor and potter

Mary Tuthill Lindheim (1912-2004), born Mary Barbara Tuthill, and also known professionally as Mary Tuthill or Mary Lindheim, was an American sculptor and studio potter. She trained as a sculptor with Ralph Stackpole and Alexander Archipenko, working in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco between 1930 and 1945. Widowed in World War II, she turned to ceramics, studying with Antonio Prieto at California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts), and was an active studio artist and leader in potters’ and craftsmen circles in the Bay Area from 1946 to 1969.

In 1969, Mart moved to Bolinas, California, and in 1994, she was given a retrospective at the small but respected Bolinas Museum, which revived her reputation. (sources: Image of “The Mothers” artwork by Mary Tuthill Lindheim, photo by Will Taylor. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.)

Moana Ponder
artist, sculptor

Moana Ponder is known for her classic fine art bronze sculpture, with emphasis on the female figure. She often personifies elements of nature such as the  sea and butterflies into graceful  forms.  Born in Hawaii , she was educated at Punahou School and then the University of  California at Berkeley.

Natalie-Ann Morris
ceramic artist

Natalie Ann Morris creates ceramic pottery and wall hangings. A quote from the artist: “There is balance between form and surface, beauty and harmony, tension and contrast, vitality and imagination as if a story is woven around each individual piece with artistic ability and flow of ideas.”

Nini Lion
artist, ceramic artist, sculptor

Nini Lion creates sculpture, ceramic art, and abstract paintings and drawings in mixed media.

Paul Gray
artist, sculptor

Paul Gray, painter and sculptor, comes from Oklahoma and has resided in Marin County, California many years. He also worked as a creative director for two Southern California firms and as a freelance illustrator for major national accounts. A quote from the artist: “I don’t try to explain my work. When everything clicks in the creation of a piece, it is a spiritual experience beyond my ability to describe.”

Peter Neibert
artist, sculptor

sculpting with wood, stone, and occasional mixed media

Phyllis Barnhill Thelen

The Marin artist Phyllis Thelen creates sculptural forms out of organic materials, such as barks, pods, plant stalks, banana leaves, bamboo shields and shells. She likes to produce mixed media vessels, creatures, and what she calls “sanctuaries”. Phyllis is also a founder of Art Works Downtown, the Marin Ballet Association, and Youth in Arts.

Rich Aubin
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Rich Aubin is known for figurative sculpture, printmaking and paintings. He was born in Colorado and grew up in New Orleans. He can now be found showing with the San Anselmo Artists Open Studios, of Marin, California. Rich has taught classes in the Tam Union Community Education Department, the Petaluma Parks & Recreation Community Education program, and the Las Positas College Community..

Sam M. Parry
artist, writer, sculptor

Sam M. Parry creates sculptures in paper and copper, as well as paintings on tile. He was born and raised in Calcutta, in British-India, and lived in London and Glasgow, working as a research developmental psychologist, before settling in Marin County, California and turning to metal and paper sculpting.

Sandi Miot
artist, sculptor

Sandi Miot is a mixed media artist, working in an abstract style and primarily in encaustics. She also creates art with altered books and sculpture.

Sarah Silverstein
ceramic artist, sculptor

Sarah Silverstein creates figurative sculptures in clay.

Sawyer Rose
artist, sculptor

Sawyer Rose is a sculpture and mixed-media artist, and the artist-in-residence for the Town of Fairfax in 2015 and 2016. She has a BA in Art from Williams College, Mass., and studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland.

Shawn A. Yarnell

Shawn Yarnell is an esteemed figurative sculptor. In her previous careers, she was a costume designer for the Discovery Museum of Sausalito, a window designer, and a fashion designer of children’s clothes under the label “Cole et Colette”.

Sheila Marie Tuffanelli
artist, sculptor

Sheila Tuffanelli creates mixed media and fiber art, abstracts and animals. Her sculptures are often made with glued layers of tar paper on a wire frame. Sheila immigrated to America from Manila, The Philippines, and settled in Marin County, California. She majored in art from Stanford University and also studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and the College of Marin..

Tebby George
artist, sculptor, ceramic art

Tebby George creates clay sculptures and cold cast bronzes. Her artworks are in clay, wax, plaster, cast paper, forton and coldcast bronze, and Tebby often adds color with oxides, underglazes, glazes and oils.

Vaidis Valaitis
artist, sculptor

The artist Vaidis Valaitis is interested in digital paintings and sculpture, using the computer to create 3-D virtual environments. His first love was sculpture and loves the play of light and color on three-dimensional shapes.

Wendy Lilienthal
artist, sculptor, art teacher

Wendy Lilienthal creates abstract art, with fiber and mixed media. She creates painted, collage like and sometimes sculptural artwork with handmade papers, marbling, textiles and recycled materials. She has taught art at the University of California as well as many other Northern California locations, and demonstrated art and paper-making on the PBS channel of national television.