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Alex Friedman
tapestry weaver

Alex Friedman, tapestry weaver, produces fine tapestries and wall hangings. She has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Angie Hutchins
Many Hats Millinery
textile artist, milliner

Angie Hutchins is the proprietor and designer of Many Hats Millinery, a shop that began in Marin County in 2012. The shop offers handmade and unique hats and hair accessories through Etsy. Angie enjoys the vintage fashions of the 1940s through the 1960s.


Anne E. Wolfe

Anne Wolfe is a symbolic artist of acrylic and paperclay masks, mixed media, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, photographs, and wearable art: “Anne uses characters from the I Ching (Chinese book of wisdom), the Viking Runes, Morse code, and objects from the many temples of life.”

Anne Garden
artist, textile artist

Anne Garden loves to paint Marin and Sonoma area animals and landscapes. In her current series, <em>Reworking the Wetlands</em>, she is using multimedia, paper and wood, to depict wildlife and area wetlands maps, as a metaphor for land and wildlife conservation. She also has a textile line of silkscreened linen accessories, pillows and home decor.

Bonnie Himberg Mumford
textile artist, teacher

Bonnie Himberg Mumford is the artist creator of a line of whimsical, fiber art animals and furniture, also known as BONIKA’s Butlers and Benches. Bonnie worked as a fiber artist and fiber instructor At Fort Mason Art Center in San Francisco through the 1990’s. Her fiber animals are enhanced with painting, air brushing and silk screening. Bonnie has an M.A. in Textile Art from the University of California, San Francisco.

Cara Gulati
textile artist, fiber artist

Cara Gulati is a Marin County artist who specializes in abstract fiber art. She calls her work Art Quilts, and she is also working on a series of scrolls and ribbon works called 3-D Explosion. She also has designed and sold her own line of children’s wear, and teaches others.

Carrie Crawford
artist, textile designer

Carrie Crawford owns Mineral Workshop, a art and textile design studio.

Charlene Lundgren
Mindful Presents
textile artist

Charlene Lundgren makes painted silk and Nuno felted silk items, all hand painted, sewn, embroidered, and felted. She offers silken scarves, shawls, hats and baby blankets, as well as fun accessories and unique clothing. She also fashions handmade teddy bears (“Bear Souls”).

David Ludwig
artist, architect, photographer

paintings, wearable silk art, photography and theater backdrops

Denise Irene Bondy
artist, textile artist

Denise Irene Bondy is a painter, textile artist, and the owner and maker of the Liberating small bag design, known as SPECS and TECH

Dotti Day
textile artist, weaver

a weaver interested in including dyes, hand painting, printing, patterning, collage, removing color and over-dyeing.

Emily Dvorin
fiber artist, sculptor

Emily Dvorin is a basketry artist and “fiber sculptor”. Emily uses traditional basketry techniques with non-traditional, recycled, up-cycled and recontextualized materials.

Heather Graef
textile artist, jewelry artist

Heather Graef creates original sewn and woven handbags and accessories, as well as beaded and hammered metal jewelry. Heather is a co-founder of Marin Handmade, a local artisan collective. She studied design at CCA and has a background in graphic and web design.

Jennifer Libby Fay
textile artist

colorful abstract and modern textiles

Judy Calder
fiber artist, weaver

Judy Calder is a weaver and member of the Tamalpais Weavers’ Guild, who grew up in Portland, Oregon and was introduced to many different fiber arts from her grandmother.
She has a degree in English from San Francisco State University, and later studied the arts, with a focus on textiles. Judy has a studio at the ICB Building in Sausalito, California.

Karen Giles
textile artist

Karen Giles is the designer of Luxe Fabric and Yarns, scarves and fabric accessories. She offers scarves, luxury fabrics, scarves, and other accessories on Etsy.

Katy Drury Anderson
Fiber Atist

Katy Drury Anderson is a conceptual artist working in mixed media, felting and wool fleece: “By using wet and dry techniques, laminating gauzy silks to the wool fibers, inlaying embellishments, and blending colored fleece, I create painterly art-to-wear fabrics or whimsical three-dimensional forms.” Katy studied Fiber Sculpture and Surface Design at the College of Marin, and Fiber Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Laurel Burch
artist, jewelry designer

Laurel Burch (1945-2007) was a American artist, jewelry designer and painter. She was born in the San Fernando Valley, and moved to Marin County, California. From an early age, Laurel made jewelry, dolls and sewn art. She sold her early jewelry designs on the streets of San Francisco from tackle boxes. In the 1960’s, Laurel worked full time as a fine artist, commissioned to paint by restaurants, businesses and private collectors. She traveled to China in 1971 and there discovered cloisonné enamel designs, that inspired many of her paintings and jewelry designs. Burch also worked with cast metals and wood, and made spin-off products in paper, porcelain and fabric. She licensed her designs to a dozen or so companies that now make and distribute her creations worldwide. See also her books and art prints:

See also her books and art prints:

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Lois Jane Hadfield
textile artist

Lois Jane Hadfield is a Marin County artist of contemporary fiber arts.

Mara Snipes
artist, textile designer

Mara Snipes is a painter and textile designer, using luxurious base fabrics and leather, traditional dye techniques, and hand-painted motifs.

Patricia Briceno
textile artist

Patricia Briceno, the textile artist of Beesybee Fibers, an Etsy shop, makes hand-dyed wool roving, hand dyed yarns, luxury blend fibers, and batts and locks.

Peggy Osterkamp
weaver, author, teacher

Peggy Osterkamp is the author of a half dozen books about weaving. She teaches private weaving lessons from her studio in Marin. Books by Peggy:

  • Woven Work: Retrospective of a Weaver (limited edition)
  • Weaving for Beginners: An Illustrated Guide
  • Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth
  • Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle
  • Warping Your Loom and Tying On New Warps
  • How to Wind a Warp and Use a Paddle
Sarah Mays-Salin
textile artist, weaver

Sarah Mays-Salin is a textile artist and her hand-woven, hand-dyed textiles feature a traditional ikat technique contrasted with digital Jacquard elements.

Sharon Searles
artist, art teacher, jewelry artist

The Artist Sharon Searles specializes in watercolor, silk painting, and jewelry-making with precious metal clay. She is also an art teacher that gives classes in both watercolor and jewelry. Her silk scarves go through a process of preparing and stretching the silk, preparing the dyes and resist, hand painting, drying, and steam setting for a permanent bonding of dye to silk.

Sue Weil
artist, weaver, textile artist

Sue Weil is a weaver and studio artist at Art Works Downtown of San Rafael, California. A quote from the artist: “Through weaving I’ve found a wonderful balance of structure and freedom. The ‘canvas’ begins as blank warp ends threaded on my loom. I build the image line by line in a slow reveal until the piece is finished.” Sue has a B.A. from Harvard University, and also studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Tisha Thompson
textile artist

Mill Valley artist Tisha Thompson is the maker of one-of-a-kind knitted, crocheted and felted toys & accessories. She enjoys crafting with wool in all its forms, raw, cleaned and combed (needle felting), and yarns and found objects. She creates hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry, bags, baby lovies, stuffies, slippers, shoes, and bowls.

Wende Cragg

Inspired by the aesthetic of Old World Artisan Guilds, Wende Cragg’s appliqué creations, wall panels, pillows and table runners are rich in textural details and reflect an appreciation for historic styles. Wende Cragg is a self-taught textile artist, who has exhibited nationally for more than 35 years.