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Eric Norstad

Eric Norstad
ceramic artist and architect

Eric Norstad (1924-2013) was an award-winning potter and architect. Norstad was born in Valhalla, New York. He moved his family to Marin County, California in 1959. He built a kiln in the basement of their new home and began selling pots at street fairs and at word of mouth home pottery sales.

In 1960-1962 Eric Norstad worked as an architect in Tiburon, California, before he opened Norstad Pottery, building a larger kiln on their property. Norstad credits much of his success to the right time and place. The 1960s American craft movement was taking off and individual artists were able to make a living. With business booming Norstad hired other potters to help with production, including Toru Hasegawa, Jack Sears, and Michael Campbell to help with production. (source: image from

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